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JTech Dualer IQ™ Dual Inclinometer System

JTech Dualer IQ in use

Dual Inclinometry for Spine and Extremity Range of Motion

The new Dualer IQ Inclinometry System provides more features and functionality than any non-computerized inclinometer on the market. Dualer IQ makes spine and extremity range of motion measurement even faster and easier.

Save Time:
  • Measure true range of motion plus movement at the upper and lower extremes of the spine segment with one inclinometer placement
  • Measure agonist/antagonist movements, like flexion and extension, without stopping or repositioning
  • Perform a complete spine ROM exam without pausing to write down results
Do More:
  • Measure spine ROM with dual and single inclinometry
  • Measure extremity ROM using dual and single inclinometry
  • Measure ROM using dynamic or static tests
  • Measure lordosis, kyphosis and even joint ankylosis
Greater Accuracy:
  • Automatically subtracts extraneous movement for true spine ROM measurements
  • Eliminates goniometer alignment issues with extremity measurements
  • Achieves accuracy and repeatability of +/- one degree
Dualer IQ Back Measurement Dualer IQ Leg Measurement

Dualer IQ's Features and Benefits
  • Records data for up to 19 tests
  • Dynamic / Static symbols
  • Automatically shows true range of motion
  • Simultaneously shows movement at upper and lower extremes in dual inclinometry mode
  • Records data for up to six repetitions
Advanced Features:
  • Functions as a dual or single inclinometry system for both spine and extremity ROM measurements
  • Automatically collects range of motion data when dynamically testing movement pairs
  • Simplifies measurement of ankylosis, kyphosis and individual joint movements with unique static testing mode
  • Eliminates internal moving parts to improve overall reliability of sensors
  • Improves battery life with special "sleep" mode
  • Upgrades to computerized Tracker ROMô without modification
JTech Dualer IQ Dual Inclinometer System
Technical Specifications

Optional Tracker™ Easy Docs 5.0 Software:
  • Automatically records test data
  • Speeds up testing
  • Generates detailed reports
  • Calculates statistics instantly
  • Tracks and stores patient progress
  • Has built-in test protocols
  • Normative comparisons
  • CV calculations
  • AMA validity for spine ROM
  • Bilateral comparisons
  • Document sensory dermatomes, orthopedic tests, deep tendon reflexes
  • Score outcomes questionaire
  • Comprehensive intake section
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JTech Dualer IQ™ Dual Inclinometer System
31099 JTech Dualer IQ™ - $1,029.95 ea.
31100 Easy Docs 5.0 Software - $1,250.00 ea.

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