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Hoggan MicroFET2 Muscle Tester

Hoggan MicroFET2 Muscle Tester

Screen incoming patients; monitor and document patient progress; substantiate diagnosis and treatment; evaluate worker's comp. cases; motivate patient compliance.
Fits in the palm of your hand. Ergonomic design adapts readily to present manual muscle testing techniques.

Muscle Testing Technology that Fits in the Palm of your Hand – Palm Gauge

The wireless microFET2 Digital Handheld Muscle Tester is an accurate, portable Force Evaluation and Testing (FET) device. It is designed specifically for taking objective, reliable, and quantifiable muscle testing measurements. It is a modern adaptation of the time-tested art of hands-on manual muscle testing. The microFET2 aids in diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of neuromuscular disorders. Now with wireless capability, you can enjoy freedom from inconvenient cord tangling and being wired to the data-collecting computer. No more cables, cords, or wires.

This unique, handheld device is battery operated, weighs less than a pound, and is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. The microFET2 uses sophisticated digital technology. Strain gauge elements within the transducer react independently to measure external forces from multiple angles. This patented system enables the gauge to detect even subtle changes in force regardless of the direction in which it is applied.

The microFET2 has the following specifications:

  1. Selectable units of measure: pounds (lbs.), Newtons (N), or kilogram-force (kgf)
  2. Accurate measurement to 1% of full scale
  3. Two threshold settings for muscle testing: Low Threshold – 0.8 lb. to 300 lbs. in 0.1 lb. increments and High Threshold – 3.0 lbs. to 300 lbs. in 0.1 lb. increments
  4. Self-activating “sleep” mode to extend battery life

The microFET software automatically performs calculations and validity checks, generates tables and graphs from testing data, creates high-impact session and comparison reports, walks the clinician through selected tests or entire protocols, and provides built-in pictures to demonstrate proper gauge and patient positioning. (At this time, the software is compatible with Windows operating systems XP or newer.)

Your Purchase Includes: Wireless microFET2 Digital Handheld Muscle Tester, Flat Transducer Pad, Curved Transducer Pad, Digit Transducer Pad, Muscle Testing Positions Wall Chart, Upper Body Test Recording Tablet, Lower Body Test Recording Tablet, User Manual, Product/Warranty Card, Calibration Certificate, and Carrying Case. 1 year standard warranty included, with extended warranties available. Free shipping in the U.S. and Canada is included. Recommended Companion Book Not Included With Purchase: Muscle and Sensory Testing, by Nance Berryman Reese.

Warranty Options

      Standard Warranty – Included
One Year Parts and Labor
One Free Calibration with Free Shipping
Tech Support Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm Mountain Time for Life

      Gold Warranty - $195
Two Years Parts and Labor
Two Free Calibrations with Free Shipping
One Year Software Updates (Must purchase software package with product and warranty.)
Tech Support Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm Mountain Time for Life

      Platinum Warranty - $295
Three Years Parts and Labor
Three Free Calibrations with Free Shipping
Two Year Software Updates (Must purchase software package with product and warranty.)
Tech Support Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm Mountain Time for Life

Software Options

      Clinical Software Package
This is an easy-to-use platform providing muscle testing and spinal range of motion protocols. Patient tracking, analysis, and comparison statistics are collected and narrative and graphic reports can be generated.

      FET Data Collection (FDC) Software Package
This program is designed for research and education applications. The program simultaneously captures raw test data while displaying a real-time graph of the data. The data is saved in comma-separated values (CSV) format and can be opened in most spreadsheet programs for further analysis.

Hoggan MicroFET2 Muscle Tester
31054 MicroFet 2 - $995.00 ea.
31055A MicroFet 2 with FDC Software - $1,245.00 ea.
31055B MicroFet 2 with Clinical Software - $1,495.00 ea.

Warranty Options: Select One (Standard Warranty is included)
31055C Gold Warranty for MicroFet 2 - $195.00 ea.
31055D Platinum Warranty for MicroFet 2 - $195.00 ea.

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